I Lost Sleep for This??

Hello everyone!  It’s Monday, September 17,2012 and it’s a beautiful day here in Denver, Colorado.  I hope you are all enjoying nice weather wherever you are.


I had high hopes for this day when I went to bed last night.  So much so, that I sat my alarm clock to wake me early this morning, which is something I never, EEVVVEEEEEEERRR do.  Why should I?  I’m retired and I do have this medical condition that just wears me out easily.  (For those of you who don’t know me, I do have multiple sclerosis.)  So I tend to sleep later than most people.


Back to subject.  I was excited that today would be the day.  My scheduled conversion from Xfinity to Direct TV was for this morning.  Did you catch that? I said it was scheduled.  What happened you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.


The installer came out and together we looked over our options for placement of the dish and I found out that we have no place to mount it.  He explained it to me and I do agree with him.  There is no place here to safely mount the dish.


I’m sorry, did you just ask, So what will I do next?  Well, that answer is nothing.  It appears that the only option I have here is Xfinity or nothing.  Bummer.  If it were possible to do the Direct TV I could have been able so save $100 per month and gotten more channels.


So, it appears that I am stuck with Xfinity whether I want it or not.  YAY FREEDOM!!  I guess I’ll keep paying those exorbitant fees.




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