I am in Love with My Wife!!

Hello and welcome back to all my reader friends.  Yes it has been quite a while.  

If you remember, I did the unthinkable.  The end of last August I had my lower teeth pulled and fitted for dentures.  I am still trying to learn to eat and speak with them.  I also went through a total knee replacement and had to fight  the pain and learn to walk again.  I am happy to say that I am off the pain MEDs now and am able to climb stairs with both legs too.  It has been exactly one month since the surgery and I am doing well.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for me during this time. It feels good to be back.

I want to tell you that I have the most wonderful and beautiful wife in the whole world.  Through all of this she has been very helpful and caring and loving.  She has done so much for me and assisted me with my exercise.  She has held down a full time job while also cooking me special foods and keeping the house clean.  She has waited on me hand and foot, or should I say that she has waited on me knee and teeth?  I am the richest man in the world only because I have the best woman as my wife.  I love you baby, so much.

Today my head feels clearer and my thoughts aren’t drug influenced.  During my rehab I also had a very good physical therapist that came to see me three times a week.  Suzanne was very good and I appreciate her very much.

So now is the time that I must get back to work on my stories and books.  I am excited to get started again.  

Now, if you will excuse me.  I must put in my teeth and eat some breakfast.  Everybody have a great day today!

Big Changes Coming This Week

Well, the moment has nearly arrived.  There are things that I have been putting off in my life for many years now.  My time has run out and now I must deal with these things.  I was first alerted to the need for one of these things about 30 years ago.  
I was in my second semester of college majoring in Religious Education.  The first semester had been a breeze and I had made the Dean’s List.  The second semester offered one caveat.  The administration was requiring all students to take a phys ed class.  I was pretty athletic; had been all my life, but I was not eager to take this class since the purpose of my being there was a religious education.  Still, I took  the class and was having no problems until one day when we were playing basketball.  It was just for fun.  On this day and in this game, I had the ball and drove the lane for an uncontested lay-up.  It wasn’t painful, but I felt it anyway and it concerned me, so I walked over the bench after making the shot and sat down to consider what was the strange feeling I’d experienced and heard.  It seemed to be fine, so I continued to play.
Two days later I was on crutches and had to drop out of school for lack of being able to attend classes.  I had seen an orthopedic surgeon who told me I had the knees of a seventy eight year old man.  I was twenty six at the time.  
I had arthroscopic surgery on the damaged knee to repair a torn ligament.  He warned me that probably sooner than later I would have to replace these knees or learn to use a wheelchair.  I was 26 and athletic, that couldn’t happen to me!  
So, in the interim years between then and now, I played basketball pick-up games like it was going out of style,  I played tennis at a competitive level for hours into the night, I taught aerobics at a major health club for 10 years and I rode my bike for hours every other day just to push myself.
Then it all changed.  Ten years ago I had knee replacement surgery on that first knee.  My life slowed down considerably.  Now, I am on my last leg, so to speak, and the other knee has to go to make room for a new one.  So, that is what I will be doing this Friday morning.  Afterwards I will be heavily involved in rehab and learning to walk and use the bathroom again.  Then, after full recovery, I plan on playing a lot of golf.
So that’s on Friday this week, but before I get to have all that fun,  On Wednesday, all my lower teeth will be pulled and in their place will be dentures.  Yes I am now that old.  My dad had them at a younger age than me, so I kind of have some knowledge of what to expect, but at least I will be able to chew food without pain.  I would get implants but they are ridiculously too expensive.  I wonder how this will change the way I speak or even it it will.  Maybe I’ll be able to speak in my Scottish accent on a regular basis instead of just when I want to.
So, if you’ll be wondering what I.m up to in the coming weeks, I’ll be learning to walk, use the potty and speak all over again. 
I’ll be updating this blog on days that the pain MEDs aren’t in control.  What a way to end the summer, huh?