Rescue of the Heart

Look Me in the Eyes…Now Do as I Say!

For those of you who do not know,  my wife is the bread winner in this house because I am on disability because of a stroke I had and at which time they discovered that I have Multiple Sclerosis.  So I am a house husband now that writes when I feel like I can maintain a thought.  Therefore, it falls on me to keep the house presentable.


I’ve struggled a bit lately with the being able to maintain a thought, that is long enough to write it down, and have not been as attentive to the blog or my next novel.  I am having a bit more trouble with this story than I have before because of the subject matter I have taken on.  I am still searching for an audience and so far I have written an action packed love story, Rescue of the Heart, and a spy novel, The Thorium Endeavor. Neither of which seem to be flying off the shelves, so I thought that this time I would try something with a serial killer.  The working title is Holding Her and is still very early in the developmental stage.  It will be a while before this is ready for public consumption, but don’t forget about it.  


In the meantime, let me just mention that if you have not yet read either Rescue of the Heart or  The Thorium Endeavor, both written be me, Joel Wilson, please do.  Both are available as an ebook for Kindle or in print at  It is also available for the Nook at Barnes&



I am looking forward to this summer and all it will bring.  The first thing it will bring is my wife’s retirement from teaching with the Denver Public Schools.  Sitting still is going to be a big adjustment for her, but I am here to help her adjust.


The second thing coming my way this summer is my children and their families are coming for a visit.  It will be an all at once attack and I am anxious to see them all.  It’s been years.


After that, my wife and I may take a driving vacation to see different parts of this country.  If that happens, I’ll let you know where we will be and when.  I would love to meet you all.


Until then, I hope you enjoy your summer!  Keep checking back for new posts and updates.

Thanks for Letting Me Vent

Maybe it’s the pressure of the deadline that I set for myself.  A few years back, I suffered a minor stroke that was due to the stress of my job as an IT professional.   My deadline is approaching like a speeding bullet train and even though I have time to get the work completed, I am feeling the stress that comes with dealing with deadlines.  DEADLINES! BOO! HISS! It will be okay.  It’s just that I am feeling it more this week.

So, I was working on the final edit of the last 4 chapters of The Thorium Endeavor, and focusing on the task at hand was, again, a daunting ordeal.  But I have to do this.  I haven’t taken my morning medicines yet, so I’ll do it now.  Be right back.

Okay, I’m back.  As I was saying, I am working on the final edit of the last 4 chapters of The Thorium Endeavor.  My deadline to have it available for all of you is this Sunday, February 17.  I still think that I can make it but stress is something that I don’t handle well.  Will it be okay with you folks if I use you as a sounding board?  To vent when I need too?  I hope your answer is yes.

I need to try editing again.  I do all my own editing with the help of some good editing software.  I go over my work many times before I unleash it on the public, making needed corrections and improvements as I go.  This final edit, for The Thorium Endeavor will be the 17th edit and it is now a much, much better story than when it began.

I’m going to try it again, now.  I’ll be back when I’ve finished editing a few more chapters.

I’m back again!  During my absence I received a phone call from my 80 year old mama back in Arkansas.  I had given her a copy of my first novel, Rescue of the Heart and she just wante to let me know that she had just finished reading it and she thought it was so good that I need to write another one.  So, I hope you are paying attention to her and take her advice and get a copy and read it.  If you have yet to do this, you are missing out.  (You can get it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Kobo)

Well, talking to my mom must have done me good because afterwards I finished the final edit of The Thorium Endeavor!   It feels so good to have that behind me now.  Tomorrow, I will work on the book cover and then publish it.

Telling you all of this has been a real help to me.  Thank you for being there and for putting up with me.  Now, go and buy your copy of Rescue of the Heart!   And be on the lookout for the soon to be published, any day now, The Thorium Endeavor!

My Vacation……….. and My Novel is on Sale!

Hello everybody!  It is a beautiful day in Denver today.  I hope that wherever you are it is just as nice.

So, let’s do some catching up, shall we?  Since my last posting it has been pretty hectic around here.  I’ve managed to do more writing on my next novel (which at this time is still without a name).  It’s a spy novel and I think you’ll like it.  I hope to have it available this fall.

My wife is a teacher and today is the first official day of school for teachers in Denver.  Kids don’t have to be there until next Monday, I think, but teachers have meetings to attend and classes that they have to take so that they can be up to speed on whatever it is that the district is doing this year.  In my opinion, teachers have to attend way too many meetings.  Last year they had a meeting that they had to attend at least once a week, sometimes two or three.  Is this really necessary?

I’m fortunate to be retired now and I don’t have to put up with anybody’s nonsense any more.  When I was trapped by corporate America, though, I remember the countless meetings that I had to attend as well.  Very few were helpful or even necessary.  For the most part, they were a waste of time.  It actually made it more difficult for me to do my job. I think these things are more of an ego trip for many bosses.  I’m sure that it is no different in the teacher world.  I feel sorrow for my wife and all teachers who must endure this.

So, we took a little vacation this month.  It wasn’t far, but it was out of Denver.  We drove through the mountains to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  We arrived in time to check in to the hotel and go eat dinner at Juicy Lucy’s Steak House where the food was phenomenal.  We returned to the Hampton Inn and fell in love with the bed.  We slept well though the night and until 2:30 pm the next day.  We must have been tired. We got up and drove to Aspen to see if there was anyone famous walking around but we did not see anyone.  Luckily, the news of my fame had not reached Aspen yet and we weren’t bothered with paparazzi and the signing of autographs.

While we were there, I fell in love with Aspen. It is such a nice place that I can’t even describe it.  I had decided that this was where we would retire too in a few years.  Then I pulled into a gas station to fill up.  Gas prices are through the roof!  At least $1.30 more than anywhere in the real world.  Maybe that  is how they keep low life like me from living there.  If this was an indication of the cost of living in Aspen, then you would HAVE to be a millionaire to afford it.  Aspen.  It’s a great place to visit but I can’t afford to live there.

I wish to thank everyone who took advantage of the free eBook giveaway last week. There have been 2 such giveaways this summer and approximately 1850 took advantage and downloaded the book an Amazon.  It makes me feel great knowing that I have so many people interested in my book, Rescue of the Heart.

In order to acquire more readers, I am announcing that the eBook is now on sale for 99¢!  So if you missed the giveaway, you can still get it for less than the price of a soda.  The sale will run though September 5, 2012.  Please don’t miss this opportunity.

That’s all I’ve got.  Please stay safe and I hope you have a great day.

Our Prayers Go Out to the Victims and Their Families

To those of you who might be concerned,  My wife and I are alright.  Thank God that we are getting old.  We are both only in our 50’s but we are old enough to know to go to bed at night rather than go to a midnight showing of any movie.  


It is an awful, terrible and tragic event that took place in a theater that is across town from us.  My heart and prayers go out to those who were affected by this stupid act of cowardice.  In a case such as this, it is too bad that Colorado does not have a death penalty.  Life without parole will be like a reward for this……. I can think of no words that are low enough to adequately describe this asshole.  He is not a man.


I’m saddened by this and all such tragedies that happen in this country and around the world.  How do such people slip through the cracks and go unnoticed until something like this happens?  It is indeed a sad, sunken world that we live in.  Lord Jesus, please come.


As I said, we so far only know one person that was there , but thank God she is alright.  My wife and I are thankful that she is okay.  


We have viewed several movies in that theater and I like it.  But several years ago a new theater was built in Denver that we now go to almost religiously.  Still, we are too old to be going to midnight showings of any movie.  


I want to thank all of you who took advantage of the free ebook offering on this past Tuesday and Wednesday.  I found it very exciting keeping up with the number of you who downloaded it.  Don’t worry, I don’t know who got it by name or address.  I only know the number of downloads.


I am proud to say that over the 2 days,  I reached as high as number 20 on Kindle free ebooks.  The number of you who took advantage of this is 558!  WOO HOO!!  Thank you so much.  I hope you all read it and I hope you like it.  If you do, I would appreciate a nice review posted on the books landing page at @


Thank you so much for making this giveaway a huge success!  Currently, I am working on my next novel which will be in the genre of espionage.  Keep checking back and I will keep you informed as to its progress.


Again, please pray for all who were affected by this most heinous crime in Denver last night.


Thank you also, for giving me your support.

Clouds: Rolls | and FREE EBOOK announcement!

I saw this on and thought it to be so cool!  It isn’t a video.  It is 14 pictures that you will need to click through to see them all.

Clouds: Rolls |

In another life, I was a photographer and I was always fascinated by cloud shapes.  Let me say that these are awesome pics but I took none of them.  Other people deserve the credit for these.  I just thought you, my fans, would enjoy them too.  Enjoy!

There is also another purpose for this posting today.  In honor of the release of my new novel, Rescue of the Heart, I am announcing to you all that I am giving it away as a Kindle ebook next week.  Yes I said that I’m giving it away!

Next Tuesday and Wedneday, July 17 & 18, 2012 I am giving away copies of my book as a Kindle ebook for these two days only!!

Mark your calendars and set reminders so that you won’t miss out on this offer.  Also, if after reading the book and you like what you read, I would appreciate a nice comment or even a review on my page at

This is also the link to where you will be able to get one of these FREE EBOOKS.

Rescue of the Heart

Well, stick a fork in me,  I’m done!  Whew!  That was tough, but I finally made it.

First I want to thank you all for not buying my book On Barnacle Way.  I don’t blame you for not wanting it.

I must have been on one of my MS episodes when I approved that for publication.  So, thank you for not taking a chance on it.  Believe it or not I really do appreciate it.

What happened was that one day earlier this spring I decided to look into why it wasn’t selling. After all, It was a great story.  But as I was reading the “finished” product, I began to notice one or two things that were terribly wrong with it.  It was awful!  It was downright embarrassing.  I knew that I had messed up big time and was ashamed to have that out there with my name attached to it.

So, the reason I haven’t been around the blog for a few months is I was re-writing the book.  I have gone over the manuscript with a fine fine tooth comb and taken out all that was bad.  I’ve added things to make the story even better and corrected all the grammatical and formatting errors.  I even created a new cover that is much nicer and more appealing than the other one.  The old story is gone and no longer available.  Thank God.

There is just one final step to complete before it is ready for publishing.  It still has to pass the publisher’s final review and that should happen in a matter of days.  As soon as they give me the go-ahead, it will be available on, Barnes & and anyone else I can convince to carry it.  It won’t be available just yet on bookstore shelves just yet because I am still considered to be an unknown.  But that will change and then I hope to be right up there on the shelves besides your favorite authors.

So, to whet your appetite, I’ve decided to give you a little sneak peek.  This is a story of how true love never dies, no matter what gets in the way.  If you’ll notice, I’ve added a new page to the blog called Samples.  If you click on it you will be taken to a page with a sample of the story that you can read here.  It will be the same on both blog sites.

So, it’s time to announce the new book title.  Rescue of the Heart by Joel Wilson.  This is so much better written and I am proud to put my name on it.  I know you will love it.

I would also like to use this space to announce my new web site:

Joel Wilson – Author  located @

Don’t forget about the mirror site for the blog is:

Please be sure to check either of these to find out the latest news and updates.  Thanks for being who you are!  🙂