Rescue of the Heart

Chapter One

Meet Jonas McInfree

He saw a mixture of race, age and gender strolling past in all directions.  People were going in and out of the shops, cafés and pubs that were intertwined along the cobblestone walkway which ran the length of Barnacle Way in downtown Kilcreggan, Nova Scotia.  The street drew its name for the cluster of barnacle’s that stuck to the rocks and pier near where Barnacle Way ran into the harbor.

His name was Jonas McInfree.  He was the shopkeeper of the only shoe repair shop in town.  Here you could find handmade shoes and leather purses of the finest quality crafted by Jonas himself, as well as the service of repairing those that you already have.

It wasn’t Jonas’ purpose this lovely fall evening to stand and stare at the people where he has lived these past 2 years, but there wasn’t much work to be done and he wasn’t even staring.  No, he was just observing and greeting folks with a warm smile, if you were a woman or a handshake if you were a man that he knew.  This time of the day there isn’t much demand for a cobbler.  Still, Jonas kept his shop open till about 8 o’clock in the evening just in case one of the ladies in the town broke a heel on the cobblestones of the mall.  Jonas figured that if nobody had stumbled into his shop by then they probably weren’t going to.

Kilcreggan wasn’t a large town, although it did draw a fair amount of tourists.  The town had a population of about 2,000 souls but being located on the scenic drive of the east coast of Nova Scotia between Halifax and Bridgewater brought lots of people from all over the world to see the beauty of it.  During summer months about half a million people either passed thru Kilcreggan or stopped to enjoy the music and arts.  Its close proximity to Peggy’s Cove aided the town businesses as the lighthouse there attracted many tourists.

Closing time was approaching, but Jonas wasn’t ready to call it a day just yet.  Besides, it was a beautiful night on this early fall evening and Jonas had nothing else to do.  He’d already eaten his dinner across the street at the McDougal’s Steak House Tavern which was owned by Inus McDougal, one of his dad’s oldest friends.  He’d do this every now and again because he could sit on the patio in front and eat his meal while he kept an eye on his shop.  Rarely did he have to leave his dinner and run across the way to meet a customer.  Most of the town folk knew to look for Jonas at McDougal’s anyway.

There wasn’t a lot of business for Jonas in the evenings either as most folks these days don’t wear the kind of shoes that would need repair.  Rubber has taken over the shoe business and when those wear out people just throw them away and buy a new pair.  Jonas was very good at repairing and crafting shoes, but he wasn’t in the shoe repair business because it was what he had wanted to do for a living.

This has been just the first 4 pages of the book.  There is so much more to the story that will keep you turning the pages.

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