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The Plot Thickens

Hello friends!  Here is another installment in the short story I am writing as you read this blog.  Please note that there may be grammatical and formatting errors because what you are being privileged to read is indeed the first draft.  There has been no editing done at this time.  However, I will continue developing this story and when it is finished the entire work will be edited and published as a new novel.  Hopefully, I can count on some of you to give me feedback as I go and maybe some positive comments that I can use to help promote the book when it is published.   So, without further adieu, please enjoy this new installment. 🙂


The Diet Cola Killer              (working title)

Chapter Three

The Wallop County Coroner was already on the scene along with several officers of the county Sheriffs office when he arrived.  Detective Noah Jacobs was the homicide detective that was assigned to investigate the murder of Ima Rawlings.  Walking to the  location of the body he stopped to let the coroner know he was there and to see if he’d discovered anything that would be useful to his investigation.

Dr. Hensley was kneeling beside the body.  “It seems that our assailant had no weapon.  The only indication of a struggle are these bruises around the neck. This was very vicious, Noah” said the doctor.  He called officer Jacobs by his first name because they have been friends and co-workers for many years.  Noah looked over the crime scene.  He had noticed a plate that was shattered on the floor and the cookies strewn about.  A glass of of what appeared to be a water and tea mixture was sitting on the night stand.  It was only half full.  Someone had drank from the glass and left his finger prints and DNA.  Officer Jacobs carefully placed his handkerchief over his left hand and picked up the glass.  He placed it, with its remaining contents in a zip-lock bag and marked it as evidence.  

While looking over the body, he noticed that the bed covers were in disarray.  “It appears that the struggle began near the front door and finished in the bedroom.”  “Yes” replied the doctor. “But she wasn’t murdered here on the floor.  She was dead before she ever got here.”  Noah stood quiet for a moment, contemplating what probably happened.  “So our perp killed her in the living room and carried her body in here.”  The doctor looked deeply in his eyes and replied “It’s not that simple Noah.  There are no marks on the body to indicate that she had been lifted.  Our killer must have strangled her while standing, possibly so that he could see the life leave her while face to face.  I surmise that once he was satisfied of her death he continued to lift her by the throat, carried her in here and dumped  the body here on the bed and it then slid off the bed to the floor.  This was a very gruesome killing, Noah.”  

Detective Jacobs looked about the room with a steel jaw.  He was determined to find this killer, no matter what he had to do.

The Percocet Diaries

Yes, again its been a long time coming.  2011 was not a good year for me and I am so glad its behind me now. During that year I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis AFTER I had a stroke.  Then, in the spring I suffered a ventricular fibrillation.  I’m not sure what all that entails but because they had me wearing a heart monitor at the time it happened, the hospitals ER that was monitoring it called me and told me to get there immediately.   The cardiologist said that they also call it a heart killer and that I was lucky to be alive. So I am being treated for all that and to cap off the year I fell and broke my shoulder.  There are 10 pins in it now and I am taking Percocet for the pain.  Also, I am experiencing a new symptom from the MS.  I have partial numbness on my right side, especially my right hand.  I only have feeling on 2 fingers which is making it difficult to type.  I have been learning to type with a total of 7 fingers.  

I didn’t want to burden you with all my sorrows.  Today, this is mostly for my own therapy.  I have not been able to type for a while but I really want to get back to it even if no one is following me here.  

So, in an effort to keep my creative side functional, I am going to start forcing myself to write a short story every few days.   I won’t mention my troubles any more unless something else rears its ugly head.  There will not be any particular theme to these stories unless I hit on something good.  Mostly, they will be about random subjects, some funny, some not.  Hopefully they will all reward you somehow for taking the time to read them.  

Please leave me a comment as to whether you like them or not.  Be kind.  Remember that these story lines are Percocet induced.  Here is the first installment.

The Diet Cola Killer

by Joel Wilson

Chapter One

Leroy was doing as he always does during the week.  He worked delivering packages for PDS (Package Delivery System).  He drove around Wallop County each day in his orange truck.  Pinkville was not a large city but it did have a population of about 300,000.  His route consisted of mostly businesses but sometimes he would be forced to take a drive into rural areas to service people that lived on the farms in Wallop County.

This afternoon, Leroy was driving eastbound toward Pinkville on County Highway 73.  He had just delivered a birthday present to Ima Riggins.  It was from her daughter, Lucy who lives in Majesty, Oklahoma.  Rural folks don’t often get visitors from the city and even though Leroy wasn’t really a visitor, Ima greeted him at her front door with a glass of iced tea and a plate of cookies.  He was happy to take a moment to talk with her and enjoy the refreshments. After all, he had no other rural deliveries today and the drive back into town would take about an hour.  

He completed the delivery and began his journey back to town.  Along the way, he listened to his radio.  Leroy liked a Classic Rock station for the music and to listen to the news.  Today, he was particularly interested in hearing the traffic report.  Traffic would not be much of a problem but there was a breaking story on the news that caught Leroy’s attention.  There had been a murder at the office of one of his customers this.  Leroy had been there this morning but everyone was alive then.  Still, this caught his attention and his imagination began to run wild with what might have happened.  Could it be an office lovers spat that turned ugly?  The news story did not say who was killed or what the police thought the motive was.  This left Leroy to wander alone with his thoughts.