I Have Man Boobs!!!!

I’d say I’m about a C cup.  Maybe I should start wearing a bra.  Maybe I could design a belly bra!  You know, something to add support for my large gut that would help to take the strain off my back and make my pants fit around my waist so that I look human.

I started this blog several weeks ago after a long look at myself in the mirror.  Trust me, the sight of me naked is hideous and would make you want to abandon sex for good.  Ok, I’m not Jabba the Hutt fat but still I’m much more than is healthy.  Anyway, I had to stop writing for two reasons: A) problems with managing my own thoughts while dealing with Multiple Sclerosis often makes it very difficult to concentrate on what I’m doing, and B) I slipped on the ice and broke my shoulder.  It isn’t easy to sit here even now and type.  

Still here I am, a dedicated trouper, writing anything for anyone who cares to read.  I’m sorry, I drifted away for a moment.  I heard a delivery truck across the street making some  noise and it caused my mind to wander away for a moment.  Now what was I saying?  I don’t know.  Too many distractions today.  I hear a neighbor  a few doors down who is using a chain saw to cut up some trees that were damaged by the snow and a small plane that is flying overhead.  I’m finding it difficult to concentrate.  I will come back to this later.

Well, here we are another day now.  Have you been waiting on me?  You have?  Thank you so much!  It feels so good to know that I have faithful readers.  However, I must say that if indeed you have been looking at you computer screen for the last 24 hours waiting patiently on my return, it’s a little freaky.  Surely you can find something else to fill your day with.  I appreciate the loyalty but I have to tell you, I’m not the only writer out there.  There are others.  Some are pretty good.  I encourage you to expand your horizon.

Anyway, it’s 10 days til Christmas.  Yay!!  I don’t get into all the gifting though, mostly because I can’t afford too.  My grandchildren will grow up hating me I guess.  Maybe one day I can right this wrong.  I hope so.  That is part of my motivation to write.  Maybe by the time they are older I can be in a position to do things for them.  

Oh well, in case you haven’t figured this out just yet, I’m doing a lot of rambling here.  I had to take a Percocet to ease the pain in my arm and I’m trying to get this done before I get drowsy.

It’s a beautiful day outside!  I hope you all get to enjoy it.  Thanks so much for checking in on me.  I pray that God blesses you all.