“One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer, So, Go Ahead and Take Another Bite.”

Good summer morning to everybody in the whole world! Wow! I have really missed you guys.

This has been a busy summer for me and, I’m sorry to say, it has kept me away from y’all (or you all, in case you don’t understand the southern English, which is the only correct way to speak English unless you are from the UK), how the heck are ya?

Hopefully, you have had a great time so far and I wish you all the best for the remainder of the year.

My wife retired from teaching at a public school this past spring. She lasted for 25 years! Everybody, let’s give her a hand. I’ll give her my left hand, because my right hand is not that dependable any longer. You can offer whichever hand you want to give to her.

Anyway, after two hot and short months she just could not stand being at home all the time, so today she went back to work as a teacher in a private school. I wish her Godspeed in her new endeavors.

I have had family visit me this summer, many of whom I have not seen in 10 years. It was great to see them all. My grandkids have grown much taller that the last time I saw them. I think that I have even shrunk a couple of inches since then too. The younger ones could almost look me in the eye and my granddaughter who is destined to become someone great is now 15 years old and taller than me. Life is truely passing me by and growing taller than I. Soon I’ll shrivel up into a little frail old man that nobody can see except for my doctor who will only be able to do so through a magnifying glass.

My wife and I didn’t go anywhere this summer, for lack of money, but we would have liked to. Maybe next year.

Today starts my new journey back into the world of writing. It all began here, the blog and will continue with a venture back into novel world. I have time on my hands now so that I can do it.

How about you? Have you done anything out of the ordinary this summer? I know that if you live in Colorado, then there’s a good chance you spent the summer trying not to lose your home to wildfire. I hope that you are all safe. I live in Denver and close to downtown so the closest I got to the fires was watching it on TV. Those of you who have suffered during the fire season I want you to know that you are in my prayers.

Now I sit at home with just my computer and two dogs. Together, we will attempt to discover new worlds and meet new people through the journeys of my mind.

Please stay tuned. There is more to come.

P.S.  The title of this blog is a direct quote of Aristotle and Joel Wilson.  We both said it simultaneously when we were having fun at the skateboard park.  We both shouted it out as we passed each other on the half-pipe.  What a day that was!

Getting the Funk Outa My Brain

I had planned on today being a day of productive writing, but I am having one of my dizzy dazey MS days it would appear.  One of the things I had planned to do today is write this blog.  However, my brain doesn’t want me to think today.  Still, I am writing.  I am hoping this effort will bring me out of this funk and I will be able to make some serious contributions to my upcoming novel.  I don’t have a title for it just yet or I would tell you.

This is my biggest malefactor in my being able to write; fighting through the MS.  Some days I might as well be a jellyfish.  I am not sure what that means but I was hoping that my brain would find a better way of saying that I am having a bad day creatively.  I guess, after writing that analogy, this is one of those days.  Still I push myself to write.

Hey! Have you heard about the noun, the verb and the adjective that walked into a bar? I haven’t either, and can’t concentrate enough on it to make it a real joke.  If any of you would like to take that much and run with it, though, be my guest.  Share it with the rest of us.  We could always use a good laff.

So, school will be starting up before we know it.  I know it because I am married to the world’s greatest teacher.  This is her final year to teach.  Then she retires and will have to learn to live a life without so much stress.  I am proud of her and very happy for her as well.  So, in honor of that, I want to share this poem with y’all.

I found it on laughalotpoetry.com.  It appears to have been written by Darren Sardelli.  I hope you like it, too.

My Dog Ate My Essay


My doggy ate my essay,
he picked up all my mail.
He cleaned my dirty closet
and dusted with his tail.

He straightened out my posters
and swept my wooden floor.
My parents almost fainted when
he fixed my bedroom door.

I did not try to stop him.
He made my windows shine.
My room looked like a palace.
My jackets smelled like pine.

He fluffed up every pillow.
He folded all my clothes.
He even cleaned my fish tank with
a toothbrush and a hose.

I thought it was amazing
to see him use a broom.
I’m glad he ate my essay
on “How to Clean My Room”.


Copyright © 2005 Darren Sardelli
All Rights Reserved