What IS a Recovering Writer Supposed To Do?

Hello to all my faithful readers out there in cyber land!  Again, it has been a while since I’ve been here, due to my illness.  I’ve just gotten over a nasty fight with pneumonia where I was laid up in the hospital for several weeks.  I’m safe at home now and trying to get back to my regular routine.

This is my first venture back into writing anything.  I was so drugged up (it doesn’t take much) that I could not even focus my thoughts on a single thing for a while.  I have, in fact, been trying to catch up on the news in hopes that something other than politics was happening somewhere that might be interesting to discuss.  There’s not been very much, in my mind, to hold my attention and if it won’t hold my attention how can I possibly write about it and expect to hold yours?

So, when the world refuses to cooperate and provide me fodder, then I must create my own.

Disclaimer:  The following is not a true story.  It was made up by me.  Any and all people and places appearing in this is purely coincidental and should not be believed   If your name happens to appear somewhere in here, it is just by chance and I was not really referencing you or anyone you know.  After reading this disclaimer, please understand that if you believe this story to be factual, then you are an idiot.

Evolved or Devolved?

Are we getting more and more intelligent as a creature?  Why, getting to the moon is old news now.  These days we are planning trips to Mars and beyond.  It has to be because we are getting smarter and smarter, right?

What if that just isn’t true?  What if what we are discovering isn’t new but more old news?  My buddy, Albert Einstein is pretty much considered to be the smartest man of his time.  I am sure that there are others whom we would consider as very brainy even today.  It seems that somebody is “discovering” something new all the time now.

Think on this, If Adam walked with God on this very earth, isn’t it likely that Adam learned a lot from the very creator of everything?  Wouldn’t that make him the smartest man ever?  God, Himself, must have thought pretty highly of him.  After all, not only did God create man and woman, but He also created every living thing.  Next came the Sabbath and God rested, but He left the responsibility of naming all of this to none other than Adam.

This must have required a pretty good understanding of all that God had made.  I can’t imagine the level of intellect that must have been required to be able to do that.  Adam must have been beyond genius!  I can imagine that Adam probably used much more of his brain than we do today.   I’ll bet he could actually use all of it.  There’s no telling all the things that Adam and Eve knew, before the fall.  As sin came in, the brain  must have suffered.  Why not?  The rest of the body did.

Here’s my theory.  In Adam and Eve, before the fall, we had the most intelligent and able beings to set foot on planet Earth; with the exception of Jesus.  However, after the fall, they were cast out of Eden and forced to live without all the comforts that were afforded them before.  Now they had to make their own way, with somewhat littler knowledge than they had before.

As time passed from generation to generation, our abilities and knowledge dwindled too, until someone came along that maybe got a gene or something that others didn’t and it sparked a part of the brain that others had not be able to access.  A “discovery” was made and it benefited everyone.  It was probably something that the first people already knew.

Throughout the ages, I propose that we have been less and less able to utilize our brains to the point where today we are only able to access 10%.  Imagine what must be held in that unusable 90%.

So, today I propose that we as humans have not gotten smarter with time, but dumber.  Look throughout the world at all that amazes us about previous civilizations.  “How were they able to do that?” we ask.  Maybe it’s because they were able to understand some things better than we are today.  Maybe, they were actually smarter.

I say, that is exactly what happened throughout the centuries.  What we are discovering today is old news that had long been forgotten.  We are actually running out of ideas and the parts of the brain that we will one day be able to access may be only 5% or even 1%.

So I ask you, should we say “evolution” or “devolution”.  I would say that since we as the human race is becoming more and more sinful and corrupt in our nature, then we seem to be chasing after the devil.  Hmm………devil…..devolution.  Seems to fit.  God will one day put a stop to all of this spiraling downfall and we will forevermore be able to walk and talk with Him, like Adam and Eve did before the fall.

There you have it!  My thoughts for the day.  What if I am right?

Behind the Blinds

Good afternoon to you all.  Today is Tuesday, November 22, 2011, two more days until Thanksgiving day. I guess the normal question this time of year is what am I thankful for?  I am thankful for a lot of things, but most important is that I am thankful to Jesus Christ, who is my Lord and Saviour.  Because of what He did I am forgiven for my sin and will one day live in His Kingdom.  All pain, fear and heartache will be gone forever and love, joy and happiness will prevail.  As I observe the direction of the world it has become so apparent to me that we are indeed living in the last days.  Either it will all end or we will kill each other off.  We are so stupid.

So, I am thankful that my family is blessed with God’s grace and will one day be there where He is.   I hope you are all equally blessed.  May each of you have a wonderful holiday.

I sit here in my living room, lights off and just staring at the walls.  I hear traffic go by every now and then but I  keep my blinds closed, so I can’t see what is going on outside.  I am sure that it is just everyday stuff; people going to and from the lake or just passing through to get to the other side of town.  All in all this is a nice quiet neighborhood.  I like sitting here without the distractions that can interfere with my train of thought.  I like being alone with my thoughts.  Our dogs like it too.  No TV blaring, the only sound I hear is of the dogs playing and my space heater that warms my feet. 

I think about family and my writing.  My wife is my hero.  If not for her, I would be dead already.  For some strange reason she loves me and I feel it every day.  I love her with my entire soul.  Just yesterday, I was experiencing some of the effects of MS.  I was nearly a zombie, but new enough that I needed to clean the kitchen and get to cooking dinner.  I was very slow, though in my mind I couldn’t tell it.  I could only concentrate on one thing at a time.  By that I mean, washing one dish at a time not recognizing the many dishes that were in the sink.  Each dish was an adventure in itself.  I was weak, physically and mentally.  If not for the cabinet to lean on I would have fallen.  My wife, having just come home from her day at work, recognized my condition very quickly and came and made me sit down while she did it all.   A few hours later I began to feel better.  Today there are some residual effects but at least I am able to cope.  

I think about calling my mom but then I am reminded that Thursday is Thanksgiving and I should wait and do it then.  There may be other family members at my mom’s house then and I can talk with them too.  So, I’ll wait. 

Looking at the blinds of my front window I can see the pattern of sunlight highlighting a portion of the blinds and that tells me that the sun is out and is a beautiful day here.  The weather people say it is going to be nice for Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the presence of family.  God Bless you all.