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The Benadryl Diaries

Happy Leap Day to Everyone!!  This is going to be such a fantastic day.  Are you ready for it?  Have you finished your Leap Day shopping or are you going to take advantage of all the Leap Day sales?  I hope, for your  sake, that you have finished all the shopping and can relax today and enjoy all the Leap Day cheer.  How long have you had your Leap Day stone out?  We decorated ours and put it out two weeks ago.  I’m hoping the Leap Day Frog leaves me a new fishing rod this year.  Last year I got a new driver for my golf clubs.  This day excites me so!

……….Okay, so maybe I just made this up, but isn’t it a great idea?  I think  that Leap Day should be an official holiday nationwide.  It would only happen once every four years.  I think that should be cause for a massive celebration.  Not only that but you should get two days off work with pay because of it so that you can travel to be with family and friends at this time.

I know! Let’s make this a necessary part agenda of anyone who is running for President that they promise to use their Presidential  power to make an executive order that Leap Day become a two day national holiday.  If they don’t have that political point of view, then they don’t get elected.  Same goes for Congressmen and Senators.  If they aren’t all for it then they get replaced at the next election.  What do you say?  Are you with me? Maybe we can start a new political party.  We could call it the Leapers Party!  I’ll bet that would do away with all the partisan  politics that is stinking up our country right now.

Well, as you have noticed by the title at the top of this blog, I’m fighting allergies today.  Therefore, I am running on benadryl.  There is no telling what my mind will think of today.  At some point I may just fall asleep.  If I do, please feel free to read my dreams.    😀

The Diet Cola Killer               (working title)


by Joel Wilson


Chapter Five


Loose Ends

As Leroy drove on down the road he passed a field with several teenage boys who were playing football.  He didn’t notice that one of the boys took notice of him as he drove by.  Shortly after passing by, the heavy, dark grey clouds opened up and it began to rain.


This time, Detective Jacobs had caught a break.  The engineer of the train had noticed what was about to happen.  The trains engine had a digital camera mounted to the front or it and the engineer was able to fire off a few shots before the collision took place.  These photo’s were given to the police and Noah was studying them by viewing them on his Police laptop computer that was mounted inside his car. 


The photo’s showed the scene at the crossing with one truck on the tracks and a large green car blocking its way.  He suspected foul play and tried to get a look at the face of the driver of the car, but could not.  However, he was able to discern that the car was an old model Pontiac Catalina.  He could not see the license plate though so he was not able to identify the owner.


On the day of the accident and after it started raining the boys went inside one of their houses to keep from getting  soaking wet.  While there they talked about the train collision that had happened just a few hundred yards from where they were playing with the football.  When the rain stopped, the boys went back outside to throw the ball some more.  As they were  exiting the house, one of them, the one who had seen the Catalina as it drove past looked toward the crossing and saw the police and fire trucks that had come onto the scene.


The boys name was Troy and the other boys called him by name to come back and play after they had seen him walking towards the tracks along the side of the road.  But Troy just kept walking.  When he had gotten to within about one hundred feet of the crossing he stopped, not wanting to be in the way of the cops that were doing the investigation.


Detective Jacobs was kneeling beside the skid marks that were left by the Catalina.  While studying the tire tread that was left on the road, he glanced up and saw Troy looking on.  Noah stood and walked over to the boy.  “Hello, son” he said to Troy.  “Awful mess isn’t it?”  The boy, nervous and scared just shook his head as if to reply yes and cleared his throat.  Noah looked him in the eye with a quizzical look on his face and asked, “you didn’t happened to see any of this when it happened, did you?”  Troy shook his head , no and then said “Wait!  I don”t know. Maybe” he said.  There was this car, I mean I saw a car driving away from there just after it happened.  He drove right by us.”  The detective replied “us?”  Troy answered “Yeah.  Me and my friends were laying football over there” and he pointed to the field where the other boys were still playing.  Noah looked and saw the boys.  “What did you see, son?” Troy answered ” well, I saw this car and it was driving down the road just after the accident.  I thought that it was weird and I saw the driver.  I also got the license plate number.   The detective asked for the number and Troy replied “717 BAR.  They were Texas plates.”  “Did you get a look at the driver?” Noah asked.  “Not real good” said Troy, “but I did notice that his hair was short, almost a crew cut and blonde.  That’s all I got.”  The detective wrote down all that the boy had said and thanked him and let him go.  


Leroy drove the car to a grave yard for cars and sold it as is to the grave yard owner for two hundred and fifty bucks.  He had removed the license plate before selling it and thrown it in the creek along highway 17 in Guacamole county.  He called a cab to meet him there and went home.