My Computer Has More Hair Than I DO!

Well, that tears it!  Makes me wonder why I even try.  Here I was writing some poetry for this blog.  I was just in the third stanza so I haven’t saved it yet and Word decides it doesn’t want to play anymore.

So, being an aging mind I can’t recall all I had written.  Granted, this was a freak accident that may never happen again.  But the reason I have a computer is to remind me of things I can’t remember.   For example, writing poems or stories.  When I am writing my mind tends to wander just as it does whenever I am doing anything at all.  I can keep my attention as long as I can look at what I just wrote.  It enables me to remain in the moment and stay on track.  Just like I am doing right now.

When I was a younger man and had more hair that was never a problem for me.  I was able to concentrate on multiple things at a time and not lose my train of thought.  Hey! I think I’ve just made scientific breakthrough!   Stay with me here.  When we are younger, we have lots of nice healthy looking hair and we are able to learn.  But as we age, the hair thins or just plain falls out.  It loses its silkiness and just goes off into hair heaven.

Now you have to put on your imagination cap, if for no other reason than to cover up that bald spot, and consider this.  What if the amount of knowledge t hat you are able to access is directly related to the number of active hair follicles that are on your head.  Think about this, if you are still able.  We often hear that the brain is akin to a computer.  So, how?  Well, maybe the brain works like a motherboard with a built in processor.  When you search for something on your computer you type in what you are looking for, the processor finds where it is and brings it to your computer screen.  Now where does the processor find just the right stuff?  Most likely it is saved somewhere on your hard drive.   However, if you don’t have enough RAM, the computer can’t deliver it to you.

So let’s say that the human brain is your processor that locates your saved information and puts in on display as an image in your mind.  While it may be true that we only use 5% of our brain, it may be that we actually use a much bigger percentage but find ourselves unable to access most of the stuff we know because we don’t have enough RAM to allow that.  Why?  Well, at some point in our lives we have attained so much knowledge it is unreal.  Is it still there?  I think so.  Then why can’t I access it?  The answer is Random Access Memory, or RAM.  We don’t have as much as we used too.  Well, what happened to it?  Consider this.  RAM on humans is represented by active hair follicles.  As the follicle dies, the hair falls out and things we before were able to recollect with the snap of a finger, now takes a while because there is not enough RAM to handle everything you have going on at the moment.  Your hair could be available RAM.  Therefore, as your hair goes, so does your memory.

There. I’ve solved the age old mystery about memory and hair loss.   If you don’t want to lose your mind, then take good care of your hair.   Have a nice day. 🙂