This Reeaally Chaps My Hide!

Hi there to all my superfans!  I hope you are having a great day and really enjoying this week, cause it is awesome!

I say that, all the while knowing that my elected leaders are not leading us down the wrong path; they are just not leading us, period.  Most likely, that bunch of miscreants will not avoid the sequester and on March 1 we will all have to learn Chinese.  Why is that going to happen, you ask?  Well Charlie, Lucy, Patti and Linus, it will happen because we educated the wrong people.  

It is not likely that any of our politicians paid their own way through college.  I’m sure that at least some, if not all of them, received a grant or were given scholarships at our expense just so that they would one day get elected to office under the guise that they really cared about us; the people who paid for that education, voted for them to get into said office and make the world a better place to live. (Deep breath!)

That is all well and good except for one thing;  they don’t give a f@#$ about us or this country or anything except for themselves and they are doing a good enough job at it, so much so that if they were working for anyone else in the whole world they would be fired!  

There should be an amendment to the constitution that allows us, the people to do just that if any of our elected officials are not performing duties as they should.  There should be a quarterly court of justice where they should have to give an accounting of what they’ve done and why they did or did not do something. That quarterly court of justice should be populated with 12 people from their own constituency; 4 people from lower tax brackets (including the homeless), 4 people from the middle class tax brackets and 4 from the filthy, greedy rich.  Each person will have the same amount of influence.  None will be able to override anothers vote.  No one will have more influence than anyone else.  After the quarterly court of justice has met with the politician, they will meet amongst themselves, discuss and then vote between them as to whether to allow said politician to remain in office.  Their decision would be final.  If the politician is ousted  he/she will have 3 days to vacate the office or be arrested for trespassing.

The time for the little people to rise up and show their numbers is well overdue.  We have been, for far too long, bending over to take it from the wealthy and those in a position of public trust.  This country was founded by the little people and its time we take it back.  

If this group of leaders can’t get their $h!# together and do their jobs, then I say we throw them all out on their ears, accompanied by a good swift kick in the ass.

Do I sound angry?  You’re damn right I am angry!  You should be too.  We’ve stupidly elected a whole bunch of self involved idiots.  

This should be the last straw.  Are you hearing me in Washington, D.C.?   Are you hearing any of us?

I try not to get involved in politics, but this reeaally chaps my hide!

Multiple Sclerosis….What a Trip!

It’s early this Saturday morning. Our puppy, Jiggy, always wakes me to let me know he needs to go out so that he can potty. So, I get up and let him and his best friend Esther, our other dog, go out to do their business. I usually let them stay out a bit to give them time to “git er done” and to play outside. While they do that I normally go back to bed for more sleep.

Today, Jiggy woke me earlier than normal for the same reasons and I did my usual deed. They, though, started barking their fool heads off. Concerned that the neighbors would like to sleep in this morning, I crawled back out of bed to let them back in the house. I didn’t feed them yet but I did give them a dog biscuit and put them back in their kennels.

It was nice for a while, maybe 5 minutes and then Jiggy let me know that he wasn’t happy in the kennel this morning and would not let me or my wife sleep until I let him out of the kennel to play with Esther.

While I lay there I started thinking on how my life has changed since MS has reared it’s ugly head. I know that I am a little harder to live with now. God bless my wife because she is the one who is catching my mood swings and all the other things that make me think I am an asshole. Well, I do feel that way. A positive outlook is what has always made me a nice guy, but here lately it would seem that positivity only comes by every so often.

Stress, at any level is something that will take me over the edge quickly. By that I mean, the need to make a decision on something as simple as whether or not to wear a blue t-shirt or a grey one today. Throw in a third option and I feel like my brain has left me in the middle of a raging sea without even a life vest to keep me afloat. I get so confused as to which way to swim or how to swim that I feel panicked and I can’t do anything. I can feel the stress growing inside of me and sometimes I feel like I am having trouble breathing. Mostly it feels like my brain is trying to figure things out but that feels like it has been sealed up like a mummy and can’t move. It’s like their is no room for my brain to open its file drawers, much less actually retrieve a file and lay it out on a table to see what is there. There is no room for anything. I can’t even get to my files! I am a computer whose hard drive has reached capacity and can’t do anything.

They say that MS is an unpredictable disease and it affects everyone differently. Oh, there’s also not a cure. For me, it seems that strangling my brain is going to be my lot. There is medication that will help slow the process of the disease, but I can’t afford it and my insurance won’t cover it. Thank God that I have excellent health insurance. Imagine where I would be if I couldn’t pay ungodly amounts of money to my insurance company every month. Wow! I would probably buy that medicine and maybe live a normal life! But this is America and that ain’t the way it works.

In America nothing works. It’s like an air conditioner on a hot day that has a short in the circuitry and it only comes on for a minute and then shuts off for a few more hot and muggy days. Well, why don’t I fix it? It’s because I don’t have the money to pay for a repair man and I don’t know anything about electronics.

The United States Congress is like that. This country is broken and no body wants to fix it. Instead of fixing it like a responsible human would, our Congress is more concerned with how they are going to line their pockets. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle they sit on. It’s all the same country and it is in dire need of being fixed. But these people, our Congressmen aren’t concerned with the good of the country. They are more loyal to lobbyists than they are to the citizens of this country. They are going to carry on this childish bickering until its too late and this becomes a world wide crisis. Just make a decision. Isn’t that what we hired them to do? The U.S. Congress is impotent.

So, I’m caught up in this boat with all of you. I feel most of the time like I am a little drunk and it’s not because of alcohol. It’s because of the MS. I need to fix it but can’t. I need to get the medicine that will slow it’s progression, but I can’t. Did I mention that my wife is also having to suffer through my impotence because of MS? I really have the best wife in all the world. I feel like I can’t make a decision on what to do. I feel like a U.S. Congressman.