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Free at Last! Free at Last!!……Well, Cheaper Anyway.

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Good morning, all! I hope you are all doing well on this fine day. The weather is nice in Denver today. Mostly sunny and temps in the upper 60’s are predicted for this afternoon.

I am up early this morning. I was awokened (?) at 7:30 this morning by a phone call from the installers that are installing Dish TV for me today. I know that many of you had to work the graveyard shift and many, too, was up much earlier than me. However, this is early for me since I am retired and have MS. I tend to sleep later in the day and it takes me a while to get to sleep at night. I’m sure that to some extent, my late sleeping has become an acquired taste over time and I have to say that I do enjoy it. Still, today I have to be up for the installers to do their job.

Finally! I am cutting the cord with cable tv and moving my business to the dish! Comcast has gotten way too expensive and now that I am on a fixed income, it is completely unaffordable. Enter the Dish. This afternoon I will have free HD on two tv’s, a DVR recorder that works on both tv sets and many more channels to not watch than Comcast has to offer. I can’t wait!

Today is also a special day in that it is also my lovely wife’s birthday. Today she is 29 years old and is more beautiful than the first moment I saw her. Happy birthday, baby!

So I called Comcast to get my service downgraded to basic cable so that I can better get my budget inline. I asked them how much my bill would be after the downgrade. They might as well have been the cable company in this video because they said it would only lower my bill by $30 a month. Currently, I am paying $260 a month. So, guess what I got today. That’s right! The Dish! I will be saving $150 a month and I have more programming.