Maybe It’s the Vitamin C

Wow! I though I might not reach enough consciousness to be able to write today.  I had wanted to do it earlier before my mind got too cluttered by the distractions of the day, but that was not to be.  We’ve all had days like this, where you just can’t seem to stay awake.  I would say that I am under the influence of pain relievers, but I’m not.  No, this is just one of those MS times that makes me feel like my head weighs 50 pounds and my eyelids weigh 100 pounds each.

I’ve been drinking orange juice for the past half hour and I think it may just be waking up my brain, so, watch out!  If this keeps up there may be no telling what I’ll write.

So, I’m going to share this video with you today.  It’s funny! For those of you who like me had thought that blonde jokes had passed with the turn of the century, this video will prove that there is at least one still out there. Enjoy!



The Diet Cola Killer (working title)

by Joel Wilson

Chapter Six

A month had passed and there had been no other murders reported.  Detective Jacobs continued to study the pictures from the train accident trying to find any hint, any clue as to who the driver of the Catalina could be.  Checking with the DMV had not turned up anything.  Even the license plate was no help because that number did not apply to any vehicles in the state.  

There was one state, though, two states north, Pennsylvania that had registered a VW Beetle with that same number and was reported stolen.  Police there were never able to locate this car either.  The truth behind that was that Leroy had hijacked it from a woman near Wachester Township.  Leroy had exacted revenge, as he saw it,  on a man he had witnessed hitting his child with his fist in the parking lot of a supermarket.  Afterwards, Leroy had followed them home to find out where he lived.  He spent the night in his Dodge pickup about a block away from the house that was down a country road.  

Early the next morning, he woke to see the man leaving, supposedly for work, and Leroy followed him.  The sun had not yet risen and it was very dark driving down the mountainside.  They had passed what seemed to be the last house on the road when they approached a sharp turn in the road.  The man had slowed down to take the turn, but Leroy sped up.  He plowed into the passenger side rear bumper of the mans Buick Skylark which sent the car into a tailspin.  He lost control of the car and it went off the road at the sharp turn and went over the mountain cliff.  It took rescuers three days to find his body.  There were no witnesses and the police had no clues.

Still, Leroy knew he had to leave.  He sold his truck the same afternoon for junk and took a cab to the bus station where he boarded a bus headed to Pittsburg.  The bus made a stop in Wachester Township and Leroy exited the bus.  It was there at a shopping mall that Leroy saw his next victim, the lady with the Beetle. He approached her quickly as she was exiting her car, shoved her inside to the passenger seat, knocked her unconscious and stole the car.  He drove south.  After he was well into Virginia and still in the Appalachian Mountains, Leroy took the license plates from the car and pushed the car over a ledge with the woman still inside and unconscious.  He then stole the Pontiac Catalina from a house about a mile away and drove it to South Carolina.

Detective Jacobs had no knowledge of all this, only the numbers from the license plate of the Catalina.  There was no telling from which state or even if it was in this country.  He continued studying pictures of the crime scene.  Suddenly, his phone rang.  It was Sgt. Phillips.  “Hello, Noah? This is Ray. I may have stumbled onto something.   Can you meet me at the Sunny Side Up diner out on Route 21?”