Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I apologize for the delay.  I know I haven’t updated the blog and story in at least a week. I’m having some difficulty due to the MS.  Keeping my mind focused on something is a problem for me now.  Also, the numbness I am feeling (or not feeling) in my right hand seems to be spreadingto include 3 fingers. Sometimes it is painful.

But I must entertain!  So, I’ll include some stuff that will help you smile.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Enjoy!


The Most Inefficient Way To Paint A Room – Watch More Funny Videos



Well, I got the pics added to the post and my mind shut down on me.  Sorry, but it’s been another week, so I have included an update on the story.  Let me know what you think!  🙂

The Diet Cola Killer (working title)

by joel wilson

Chapter 7

“Bulls-eye!” Leroy said softly, in a gravely voice to himself as he looked out across the shooting range at the target he had just hit directly between the eyes. He stared at it with a determination in his eyes that said he was hungry for another kill. He had exacted his version of revenge on 6 people in the past 6 months and had developed a sense of immortality about himself. He was hungry to rid the world of the scum like the people he had already killed.

His level of psychosis had overtaken him and he had become out of control. He now was more interested in the killing itself rather than having to have a reason for it. He believed that when he killed someone he inherited their soul which made him to become a god. The god who decides who lives and who dies.

This day, Leroy was at the shooting range working to perfect his aim. He had already imagined that he was a god and that it was beneath his excellency to put his own life at risk to accomplish the cleansing of the world. He had become an expert marksman and would do his acts of self-ascribed righteousness from afar. He would strike his vengeance as though they were struck down by a bolt of lightning. In fact, he believed that every time he pulled the trigger he was sending a bolt of lightning to strike down those that deserved to die.

“I-40.” he thought. He knew it had become a main artery for the trafficking of drugs across the U.S. “There are so many drugs up and down that freeway that almost everyone is guilty.” He loaded his gear into the 1984 Chevy van that he’d stolen from another county and drove overnight to Ballantine, TN about 40 miles east of Nashville. He stayed in his van at a rest stop there and in the morning he woke to eat breakfast and plan his day.He drove into the small town and had breakfast at the McDonald’s there. He studied a road map of the area as he ate.

Leroy was laying in the tall grass at the top of a hill that overlooked I-40. He was perfectly camouflaged by the grass and trees that covered him from above. Leroy had noticed on the map an old country road that ran parallel to the freeway for a few miles and had chosen to find his vantage point there. He lay in the grass pointing his rifle at cars and pretending to shoot the drivers. He found this amusing. But enough of this! He was growing hungry for the real thing and wanted to pick someone to sacrifice.

“Too many 18 wheeler’s on this road” he said to himself. “Next one to come around that bend” he decided and there it was. A black rig that was pulling a dirty silver trailer would be his victim. He nestled down in the grass and aimed directly at the driver. Leroy pulled the trigger and sent his lightning bolt directly through the windshield and struck the driver right in the heart.
The truck swerved out of control and hit a concrete support for a sign head on. The driver was thrown through the windshield as the trailer rose up in the air, jackknifed and fell across the 3 lanes of traffic crushing 2 cars. Leroy pumped his fist in approval, sat there looking over his work and then got into the van and left down the country road to drive to some other place to exact his judgement an someone else.