grand kids

Great Father’s Day!

Hello to all my readers and if you are a papa, Happy Fathers’s Day to you!  I trust you have had a great day and were able to spend time with your dearest family member’s, your children (if you have any).  If your children are grown, out of the house and working on their own families, like mine are, then they are still your babies and I hope you were fortunate enough to spend some time with them this weekend.

However, if you have yet to start your own child raising experience, you have a lot to get ready for.  You also have a father that needs to know you love him, so, please remember him today, even if you can’t see him.

I was very fortunate this week.  I have two grown son’s who do have their own families and both of them made a special trip to Denver to see me this year. They were here for a whole week and it was wonderful.  We were able to spend a lot of time with my son’s and their entire families; i.e. The grand kids.  They were all beautiful, smart and a bunch of fun to spend time with.  If they didn’t look like me I would have to wonder if they really developed from my genes.  But they are mine and I am very proud of them!

Taylor, Jessica, Jonathon and Shannon are their names and each is wonderful.  I love them all so much and am eager to see what they will become.  I’m sure that you will all be amazed!

Today, however, they have all returned to their homes in Arkansas and California.  What have I done to celebrate the day?  Absolutely nothing.  Rest is the order of the day and this, too, is amazing and oh, so enjoyable.

I hope you have all been as fortunate as I (or is it me?) today, this week, this summer and every day.  To those who have been affected by and suffered loss from the wildfires in Colorado, I have you in my prayers and am asking for your safety.   God bless each of you.