I Need a Little More Time

Hi Friends!  
Well, I didn’t make my deadline.  I surely thought I had, though.  I completed the “final edit” this past Thursday evening.  I felt great!  A great weight was lifted off of my chest.  So, I committed to Friday to design the cover.  It shouldn’t take but maybe a few hours.  
This was my first attempt to design one on my own.  I studied up by reading advice online and trying different software and programs, but I had problems with each one.  I spent the first couple of hours perusing stock photo’s for my cover image.  I finally found the perfect one, but I was having trouble putting the title and such on the picture.  I finally got it though, after I had downloaded Paint.net.  
I found this FREE program so much easier to use and I finished the cover around 8 p.m.  I was exhausted and disgusted with myself because it took me 14 hours of hard work to finally produce my cover.  I went to bed.  
I woke up on Saturday and decided to read my story one more time, just so that I could read it without the pressure of meeting a deadline.  While I was reading the first paragraph, I thought of a better way to say what I had already written in the first sentence of the book.  I made that correction and continued to read. 
Then I read another one that could have been better written and I changed that too.  I kept reading and as I progressed I noticed some punctuation errors.  How could I have missed all of this?  I can’t explain it, but I did miss all of it on the “final edit.”  
So, now I am up to chapter 7.  I am going through the book and reading it more intently this time.  I must have been speed reading during the “final edit” and that is why I missed so much detail.  I guess my “final edit” was really my “semi-final edit.”  
So, the cover is completed and I am going through this FINAL EDIT (caps to show that I really mean it) and I hope to have it readily available for you as an eBook on Wednesday, February 20.  The print version usually takes a little longer to produce, so it may be a couple of weeks before you can get the paperback.  I will let you know when that is available.  
I am so sorry that I didn’t have it ready for your enjoyment today, but I really tried.  I am very close now, though.  I hope you will not forget me.  
Please look for it first on Amazon.com.  I will post a link to it’s webpage as soon as Amazon has it ready.  You can look for it soon on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo.  
Thank you for putting up with me.  I hope you all have a great day.

Thanks for Letting Me Vent

Maybe it’s the pressure of the deadline that I set for myself.  A few years back, I suffered a minor stroke that was due to the stress of my job as an IT professional.   My deadline is approaching like a speeding bullet train and even though I have time to get the work completed, I am feeling the stress that comes with dealing with deadlines.  DEADLINES! BOO! HISS! It will be okay.  It’s just that I am feeling it more this week.

So, I was working on the final edit of the last 4 chapters of The Thorium Endeavor, and focusing on the task at hand was, again, a daunting ordeal.  But I have to do this.  I haven’t taken my morning medicines yet, so I’ll do it now.  Be right back.

Okay, I’m back.  As I was saying, I am working on the final edit of the last 4 chapters of The Thorium Endeavor.  My deadline to have it available for all of you is this Sunday, February 17.  I still think that I can make it but stress is something that I don’t handle well.  Will it be okay with you folks if I use you as a sounding board?  To vent when I need too?  I hope your answer is yes.

I need to try editing again.  I do all my own editing with the help of some good editing software.  I go over my work many times before I unleash it on the public, making needed corrections and improvements as I go.  This final edit, for The Thorium Endeavor will be the 17th edit and it is now a much, much better story than when it began.

I’m going to try it again, now.  I’ll be back when I’ve finished editing a few more chapters.

I’m back again!  During my absence I received a phone call from my 80 year old mama back in Arkansas.  I had given her a copy of my first novel, Rescue of the Heart and she just wante to let me know that she had just finished reading it and she thought it was so good that I need to write another one.  So, I hope you are paying attention to her and take her advice and get a copy and read it.  If you have yet to do this, you are missing out.  (You can get it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Kobo)

Well, talking to my mom must have done me good because afterwards I finished the final edit of The Thorium Endeavor!   It feels so good to have that behind me now.  Tomorrow, I will work on the book cover and then publish it.

Telling you all of this has been a real help to me.  Thank you for being there and for putting up with me.  Now, go and buy your copy of Rescue of the Heart!   And be on the lookout for the soon to be published, any day now, The Thorium Endeavor!

The Mind Doth Wander

Happy Monday to you all!  I know that many of you have been regretting this day’s coming, but it’s here and the best you can do with it is to put a smile on your face and bend over and take it.  Go ahead.  It’s coming anyway so you might as well get it over with.  The sooner you do it, the sooner better times will come.

Let’s see……I have less than a week, according to my schedule to complete my newest novel.  Up to this point, I have been calling it The Thorium Endeavor, but I am considering changng the name just in time for publication.  My goal date to have it availble for everyone to read is this coming Sunday, February 17, 2013.  I’ll keep you all informed as to the acutal title, but for now, just get ready for The Thorium Endeavor.

This book is full of action and adventure.  The story is based on the life of the worlds most dangerous spy, Agent 355.  Be prepared to be thrilled at her encounters with the worlds most deadly terrorists.  That’s correct, I said she.  This story is about a heroine in the not too distant future.  She is unlike any heroine we have seen up to now.

Like I said in the title of this blog, my mind doth wander today.  MS is playing with my mind today and it is difficult for me to keep focused, so I’m going to keep this short.

I will update this blog later in the week.

Auditions!! Looking for a New Super Hero!!

Good Wednesday to you all!  I trust everything is warm and toasty wherever you are.  Over here, in the Diapthalmic Quadrant of the Minervian Galaxy, it is chilly at best.  The surprise of a white particle storm rolled in a few nights ago and now we are cloaked in an overlay of this stuff.  Somehow, it transmits cold air and seems to be able to chill the surface of our beings.  I am told that if one is subjected to its influence long enough the chill will go straight into our support structures.  I believe you earthlings call that your bones.

Attention!  All ye who are blessed with super-human powers!  Hear ye! Hear ye!  Auditions are being held for a new super-hero for planet earth.  Even though the current batch of super-hero’s do have quite a following, there is nothing that represents the times that we currently live in.It has become obvious that evil has overtaken good and now The Collective is more powerful than two locomotives and faster, yes, faster than two horny bunnies.  The Collective has yet to attempt to leap a tall building in a single bound but, it is commonly believed that even that would not be an obstacle for them.

For these reasons, we, the Big Brainy Head Guys Who Dress Funny, believe that the current batch of super hero’s are lacking in their abilities to thwart, yes, thwart, the evil force of The Collective. 

We, the Big Brainy Head Guys Who Dress Funny, have decided to hold auditions for new Super Hero’s!

All those who believe that they are blessed with super-human powers are welcome to try out.  Please understand that since this is of a serious matter, not everyone who auditions can be granted the status of Super Hero.  This is not kids soccer and everyone does not receive an MVP trophy.  

So, if you feel that you are more powerful than a speeding bullet train, faster, yes faster than two horny bunnies who are procreating while inside a cloning machine and able to leap short and very wide buildings in a single bound, then please come and audition.  Our judges are eager to see your talents on display.

Our judges are; Batman, Spiderman, The Green Lantern and Captain America.  These have been chosen to serve as judges in the search for a new super-hero because neither of them can boast any super-human powers.  Rather, they tend to rely on costumes and other objects to accomplish their feats.  All objects which can be purchased at any comic book store.  Truly, they are no more effective than Inspector Gadget. 

Auditions will be held on Uranugaia 17.3, 267.093.  Please pre-register so that we may know how many to expect as lunch will be served in the masticate refectory.

First Molar From the Jaw

Hello’s to all my internet friends out there!  I trust this day finds you well in health and spirit.

Today, I want to talk about something I really know nothing about.  So, this should allow for lots of room for thought.

The subject for today’s blog is Wisdom Teeth.  What’s the deal with wisdom teeth, why do we get them and why do we throw them away?

I’ve done the immediate research that I could do on the web and it appears that almost all entries on this subject are posted by a member of the dental profession who basically says that you don’t need them and you should just get rid of them.  I wonder if this type of advice has allowed the oral community to stay in business as it has grown over the years.

Here’s a quick question:  How many of you remember the days when you could just show up at a dentist’s office and have him pull a tooth or just fill a cavity in less than a half hour and only charge you $25 to $50 dollars for the whole job?  I do.

Nowadays, their focus is on your smile.  They aren’t dentists in the original sense of the word.  Some won’t even pull a tooth; they send you to an oral surgeon instead.  It’s all about how much they can get out of you without having to actually take out a tooth.  

Which begs the question, will the dentist remove a wisdom tooth.  Probably not, or at least not today anyway.  Either you will get sent to the oral surgeon, who has his own way of doing things, or the dentist will first need to take x-rays.  He may provide you with a prescription for pain medicine, if you are lucky and then reschedule you to come back on another day for the actual extraction at which time he will also need to perform a root canal.  Suddenly, the cost of pulling the wisdom tooth has shot up like Jack’s bean stalk to a whopping $700!!  

Do you need dental insurance? You’re damn right you do!  You need it but not to help cover the cost of the dental work.  You need it to help cover the charges that have been run up by the dentists themselves.  Ever wonder why dental insurance only covers so much of the dental bill and you still get stuck with a humongous debt?  They know!

So, what’s so special about the wisdom tooth and why is it called that.  My research tells me, ad nauseum, that early man used them, are you ready for this?,………… to eat with!  Imagine that!  4 extra teeth to eat with.  Who’da thunk that to be a good idea?  Oh yeah!  God would have.  Could it be that the extra teeth would actually make it easier for our digestive systems to process our food and combat obesity?  Hmm.

And why is it called the wisdom tooth?  Well, they say that it’s because they come later in life, during your late teens and early twenties when we have become so much wiser.  Raise of hands; how many of you have actually found that wisdom comes from such an age?  Are you kidding?  We are just discovering life at that age.  Wisdom is much farther down the road. 

So, let me surmise a premise.  I offer this for your consideration.  Our ancestors were smarter than us.  Ever wonder how the pyramids were built?  Other wonders in this world of archeological significance, the stone faces on Easter Island and Stonehenge come to mind, still make us wonder today how they got there.

Even cave drawings tend to make us wonder if extraterrestrials have been here before.  How could our ancestors have communicated with such beings?  What is the difference between them and us today?

I offer you this;  our ancestors most likely had their wisdom teeth.  The third set of molars, those that were probably trying to grow in when you had them pulled, could it be that they are the key to vast knowledge?  

Maybe it is these teeth that allow use of the parts of the brain that today lie dormant and unused.   

Maybe, just maybe, it was not until after people started losing their third molars that humankind began to refer to them as wisdom teeth due to a definite loss of intellect that coincided with the loss of the tooth. 

Just think.  Our ancestors probably had to allow the tooth to reach it’s potential.  Though it was painful, it probably was no more painful than that of a baby cutting it’s teath.  Little babies can endure such pain and get over it.  But have we, as adults, become such wimps that we choose not to endure it?  We are wusses, and our fear of the pain prevents us from reaching our full potential.  Not only could the wisdom one gains from allowing the third molars to grow in completely, vastly increase one’s knowledge, but could it also be the cure for obesity in the United States?  Food for thought.  We may never know until we allow the first molar from the jaw to grow in.

Les Miserables

I went to the movies yesterday and saw Les Miserables, or as I prefer to say it, Less Miserables. I don’t particularly enjoy movies that are all the way though musicals, but I have to admit that this was very good.  Anne Hathaway was el primo superbo and should win the Oscar just for her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream.


Amanda Seyfried seems to amaze me every time I see her in something.  She plays the part of Cosette and takes her first soprano voice to new and amazing heights.  She was wonderful!


Russell Crow and Hugh Jackman were very good too, just as we would expect them to be.  They all did their own vocals however, I have to wonder if Russell and Hugh didn’t have a little help with a few of those notes that I am pretty sure were a little out of their range.  Help or not, it was very good and it you haven’t seen it yet, then go.  It is two and a half hours of pure entertainment.  The only way you would not enjoy it is if you have no couth.


My wife and I have a favorite movie theater that we frequent in Denver.  We see a movie at the theater at least once a week.  The theater has promotions to entice you to frequent them and we take advantage.  If I buy one of their refilable cups (in this case two) and bring them back each time I can get a large refill of it for only a buck fifty (three bucks for two cups).  Going as often as we do, that saves us $338 a year!  That pays for half of the movies we see during the year.


Another promotion they offer is a T-shirt that, if you wear to the movies, will get you a FREE medium popcorn.  By my calcuolations, this would save us another $260 a year!  So, let’s see……$338 + $260 = $598 each year.  Divide that by $13 (the old people price), and that means that forty six of those movies are paid for!  Wow!


So, yesterday I bought one of the T-shirts.  It comes in a bundled package that I would have to wear the next time I go to the movies.  It was an investment.  I held onto it throughout the movie.  When the movie ended I took our cups into the restroom to rinse them out.  I laid the bundled T-shirt beside me on the sink counter.  I dried out my cups and left.  I sat down on a bench just outside the restroom and it hit me.  I’d left the T-shirt on the counter.  I went back in immediately and it was gone.  I felt miserables.  I know it was just a T-shirt but I couldn’t believe that in a mater of a few seconds, I had totally forgotten it, especially since I was looking straight at it the entire time I was in there.


It wasn’t one of my better days anyway.  I had been feeling a little light-headed and wobbly from the MS.  One of the problems I deal with is forgetfulness.  It upset me that I thought that I was so focused and in a matter of a few seconds, I had completely forgotten what I was so focused on.  


Ah, such is MS.  Such is life.  Les Miserables.

We Survived the Apocalyptic Year of 2012

Hello and a very Happy New Year to you all!  

If you are one of the billions of people who managed to, somehow, dodge the apocalypse of last year, congratulations!  If you think you might have escaped it but are now somewhere other than on earth, let me help you understand your predicament.  You are still here, with the rest of us.  This is not the Elysian Fields.  This definitely, is not Heaven.  This is the same old earth that you have, to now, tricked yourself into thinking that you could see, but were no longer a part of because you have moved on to another dimension.  That is not a cloud that you are floating on.  It is the bed that you are refusing to get up from and lest you think that the moisture that you feel is proof of the clouds existence, let me set the record straight for you.  The moisture you feel is not the moisture you might experience from being in a cloud.  You have wet the bed.  Its’ time to get up now.  Take a shower, drink some coffee and go buy a new bed.  No one is going to share that bed with you now.

Welcome to 2013!  It is a new year that offers the promise of many good things to come, or it could simply be a rehash of what we just went through, minus all the ridiculous bombardment of political ad like the ones we just suffered through last year.  The same players are in place and it looks like we are reading the same book.  Only difference is the hope for new and better lies and what we make of the new year, ourselves.

Now, if you are the superstitious type, even though you may be hopeful, let me point something out if you haven’t already done so yourselves.  It’s 2013!  It is the 13th year of the new century!  Think Friday the 13th to the hundredth power!  For the superstitious minds here, that could mean that you are in for a world of hurt this year.

However, for those of us that are not superstitious, it simply means that 2012 is over and it is a new year.  We may be in for a world of hurt, too.  That remains to be unfolded, but we have hope that this will be the year that we have all been waiting for; the year that all our ships come in.  Probably not, though.  We humans are stupid by nature and the people we have decided to allow to lead us will undoubtedly find a way to screw us and make life unbearable.

I, personally, have hope.  I’ve always had hope just because I know that Jesus is my Savior.  But this year I’ve added direction to my endeavors.  

I will write more books and each will be better than the one before.  I’ve often said that I may not become famous in this lifetime, but someday, after my time is up, I will be recognized as one of the greatest writers of all.  Then someone will get rich off of my efforts.

So, there.  You all have something to look forward to.  Agents. Publishers.  Did you hear that?      

I’ve been working on a new a different novel this past year that I hope to have ready in mid-February.  The working title of the book is The Thorium Endeavor. It will be an action-packed introduction to a new heroine, Agent 355.  That’s right, I said heroine.  She is a lady and a warrior.  Her touch can be gentle and sensuous or it can be brutal and deadly.  

Be on the lookout for news about its release and how to get a copy.

Happy New Year Everybody!!

What IS a Recovering Writer Supposed To Do?

Hello to all my faithful readers out there in cyber land!  Again, it has been a while since I’ve been here, due to my illness.  I’ve just gotten over a nasty fight with pneumonia where I was laid up in the hospital for several weeks.  I’m safe at home now and trying to get back to my regular routine.

This is my first venture back into writing anything.  I was so drugged up (it doesn’t take much) that I could not even focus my thoughts on a single thing for a while.  I have, in fact, been trying to catch up on the news in hopes that something other than politics was happening somewhere that might be interesting to discuss.  There’s not been very much, in my mind, to hold my attention and if it won’t hold my attention how can I possibly write about it and expect to hold yours?

So, when the world refuses to cooperate and provide me fodder, then I must create my own.

Disclaimer:  The following is not a true story.  It was made up by me.  Any and all people and places appearing in this is purely coincidental and should not be believed   If your name happens to appear somewhere in here, it is just by chance and I was not really referencing you or anyone you know.  After reading this disclaimer, please understand that if you believe this story to be factual, then you are an idiot.

Evolved or Devolved?

Are we getting more and more intelligent as a creature?  Why, getting to the moon is old news now.  These days we are planning trips to Mars and beyond.  It has to be because we are getting smarter and smarter, right?

What if that just isn’t true?  What if what we are discovering isn’t new but more old news?  My buddy, Albert Einstein is pretty much considered to be the smartest man of his time.  I am sure that there are others whom we would consider as very brainy even today.  It seems that somebody is “discovering” something new all the time now.

Think on this, If Adam walked with God on this very earth, isn’t it likely that Adam learned a lot from the very creator of everything?  Wouldn’t that make him the smartest man ever?  God, Himself, must have thought pretty highly of him.  After all, not only did God create man and woman, but He also created every living thing.  Next came the Sabbath and God rested, but He left the responsibility of naming all of this to none other than Adam.

This must have required a pretty good understanding of all that God had made.  I can’t imagine the level of intellect that must have been required to be able to do that.  Adam must have been beyond genius!  I can imagine that Adam probably used much more of his brain than we do today.   I’ll bet he could actually use all of it.  There’s no telling all the things that Adam and Eve knew, before the fall.  As sin came in, the brain  must have suffered.  Why not?  The rest of the body did.

Here’s my theory.  In Adam and Eve, before the fall, we had the most intelligent and able beings to set foot on planet Earth; with the exception of Jesus.  However, after the fall, they were cast out of Eden and forced to live without all the comforts that were afforded them before.  Now they had to make their own way, with somewhat littler knowledge than they had before.

As time passed from generation to generation, our abilities and knowledge dwindled too, until someone came along that maybe got a gene or something that others didn’t and it sparked a part of the brain that others had not be able to access.  A “discovery” was made and it benefited everyone.  It was probably something that the first people already knew.

Throughout the ages, I propose that we have been less and less able to utilize our brains to the point where today we are only able to access 10%.  Imagine what must be held in that unusable 90%.

So, today I propose that we as humans have not gotten smarter with time, but dumber.  Look throughout the world at all that amazes us about previous civilizations.  “How were they able to do that?” we ask.  Maybe it’s because they were able to understand some things better than we are today.  Maybe, they were actually smarter.

I say, that is exactly what happened throughout the centuries.  What we are discovering today is old news that had long been forgotten.  We are actually running out of ideas and the parts of the brain that we will one day be able to access may be only 5% or even 1%.

So I ask you, should we say “evolution” or “devolution”.  I would say that since we as the human race is becoming more and more sinful and corrupt in our nature, then we seem to be chasing after the devil.  Hmm………devil…..devolution.  Seems to fit.  God will one day put a stop to all of this spiraling downfall and we will forevermore be able to walk and talk with Him, like Adam and Eve did before the fall.

There you have it!  My thoughts for the day.  What if I am right?

The United States of Shiny Rocks

Hello and good day to you all.  This will be my last post before the presidential elections.  No, I’m not going away, but the election is tomorrow and I doubt there will be time for another post before then.  So, what you read is what you’re going to get.

I’m not going to try to influence you towards any one candidate.  Personally, I hate politics and believe it to be evil.  I don’t mean to say that voting is evil, no.  I think that  voting is one of our God given rights  and we have every right to pick our own leaders.  But here’s the problem.  There are approximately 312 million people living in this country.  That translates into 312 million different ideas on what’s best for this country.  How can any thinking person find a way to whittle that down to just two ways of thinking?

It’s foolish to think that we are a nation of just two ideas.  Pardon me, I see a man toward the back waving his hand.  I believe he has something he wants to say.

Sir, would you like to say something? Yes! Yes I would!  You are wrong about all of this!

Really? How so?

The truth is that we have many people who have put their name in the hat to run for president.  We just don’t hear about them because they don’t have enough money to get their word out.

So, you’re saying that one of these other people could actually be the person that God is supporting but because he’s as poor as most Americans we don’t get to hear about him.

Yes.  It takes money to hire a political staff and print up all these signs, make TV commercials and travel around the country to debate these guys who have boatloads of money.

Ah, so there it is.  You are saying that people vote for the guy with the most money.

Well. Yes, sort of.  You don’t see Joe Schmoe or Rosie the riveter running for president because they can’t afford to.  It doesn’t mean that they don’t have good ideas.  It just means that they don’t have the big bucks it takes to get their voice heard.


So then, let me ask you this.  If there are so many others running for president, and there is one guy that makes more sense that all the rest, and this candidate is as broke as I am he won’t get elected because he isn’t rich.

Or supported by someone who is rich, yes.

Well, what happens when the rich guy gets elected and you can’t tell the difference with him driving the bus?

We all get screwed.

Oh! I see.  Is it easier to just pick one of the two that the news media tells us about?

That’s the way we do it.

And the country never gets fixed.

Nope, but we’ll get someone else in there next time that will listen to us and put our priorities ahead of the rest of the world.

Really. Do you have any idea just who that might be.

Not right now, but they’ll tell us.

Right.  Is there anything else that you’d like to tell us?


Do dee o dee o dee oh!

Marglyn You Are My Hero….and Other Thoughts

Hello everyone! Hopefully you live in an area that was spared the disaster of Sandy. If you happen to live within its reach, I hope that you and your loved ones are okay. Please know that a whole nation is praying for you. That means me too. As many of you already know, I live in Denver, Colorado, so I am fortunate to be nowhere near the destruction. I do have a son in Baltimore who I haven’t heard from yet or been able to reach, but I know where he lives and I think that he was spared from any real damage. Hopefully, we’ll find out something today.

I want to thank Marglyn for reading my novel, Rescue of the Heart, and also for giving me such a very nice review on Amazon. I was about to give up. I thought that it may not be good at all because no one was letting me know their thoughts on it. But now, thanks to Marglyn, I know that it is as good as I thought it was. I sure worked on it long enough. So, God bless you Marglyn. Now if I could only get some more reviews like that. I love knowing that somebody likes my work. It makes me feel like a legitimate author.

This morning I was blessed with a sight that I am sure was not seen by many. I was on the outskirts of Denver and driving westward, back toward home. The sun was just coming up behind me. The road I was on was a straight, two-lane highway that had no other traffic at the time. To my left were power lines running toward the mountains in the distance. On my right was a train track and about a quarter mile down the road there was a train coming my way and it had it’s headlight still on. The overall lighting of the area was soft, leaving a peaceful feel to it. It was pretty much quiet where I was because I could not yet hear the train. Looking up in the sky and toward the mountains was a full moon on the right side of this view. On the left side and just off center were four wispy clouds. I don’t know what type of clouds they were. They were just wispy and appeared to be stacked like a set of plates atop one another. They were a soft pastel pink with a pastel streak of blue lining the bottom of each cloud. The rest of the sky was clear and still carrying the last hint that night was giving way to the new day. The terrain around me was open fields. It was a beautiful sight that I wish the whole world could have experienced.

It reminded me of my younger days when photography was everything to me. I lived for moments such as this. I would often stay out all night just waiting on the perfect moment to photograph a scene, sometimes on the Arkansas river or sometimes atop of Pinnacle mountain just waiting on the perfect lighting so that I could capture the perfect picture.

Those days are behind me now. When digital photography came on the scene, even though I fought against it, my love of being the great photographer slipped away. Film is hard to find nowadays and is too pricey. Everyone and everything has gone digital and automated. I prefer to take all day to get one shot as long as it is just right. With digital, you can fake so much of the picture. On film, what you see is what you get. Dimensions and depth of field is so much better produced on film. To me, a digital picture is nothing more than a snapshot. In my eyes it has the appearance of snapshots that have been glued to a poster board. So, my desire to create the perfect photograph has gone away. It was my art.

Back in the day, I would have stopped at just the right spot and unloaded my gear to capture that special moment. I wish you could have seen it.

I don’t know why, but yesterday I was thinking about whistling. My daddy taught me to whistle way back when I was a young whippersnapper. He always enjoyed the musicality of whistling and would often be whistling one tune or another. He was pretty good too. That is the way I learned, whistling tunes. But as I grew older I found that a lot of folks thought it was annoying, so eventually I stopped doing it. Whistling had become something you did to call your horse or your dog or just to get someones attention. This type of whistling I could never do. I wanted to but I never could do it. I still wish I could but somehow that talent has never landed here. Nowadays, if I try to whistle, no matter which way I try it just sounds pathetic.