I Need a Little More Time

Hi Friends!  
Well, I didn’t make my deadline.  I surely thought I had, though.  I completed the “final edit” this past Thursday evening.  I felt great!  A great weight was lifted off of my chest.  So, I committed to Friday to design the cover.  It shouldn’t take but maybe a few hours.  
This was my first attempt to design one on my own.  I studied up by reading advice online and trying different software and programs, but I had problems with each one.  I spent the first couple of hours perusing stock photo’s for my cover image.  I finally found the perfect one, but I was having trouble putting the title and such on the picture.  I finally got it though, after I had downloaded Paint.net.  
I found this FREE program so much easier to use and I finished the cover around 8 p.m.  I was exhausted and disgusted with myself because it took me 14 hours of hard work to finally produce my cover.  I went to bed.  
I woke up on Saturday and decided to read my story one more time, just so that I could read it without the pressure of meeting a deadline.  While I was reading the first paragraph, I thought of a better way to say what I had already written in the first sentence of the book.  I made that correction and continued to read. 
Then I read another one that could have been better written and I changed that too.  I kept reading and as I progressed I noticed some punctuation errors.  How could I have missed all of this?  I can’t explain it, but I did miss all of it on the “final edit.”  
So, now I am up to chapter 7.  I am going through the book and reading it more intently this time.  I must have been speed reading during the “final edit” and that is why I missed so much detail.  I guess my “final edit” was really my “semi-final edit.”  
So, the cover is completed and I am going through this FINAL EDIT (caps to show that I really mean it) and I hope to have it readily available for you as an eBook on Wednesday, February 20.  The print version usually takes a little longer to produce, so it may be a couple of weeks before you can get the paperback.  I will let you know when that is available.  
I am so sorry that I didn’t have it ready for your enjoyment today, but I really tried.  I am very close now, though.  I hope you will not forget me.  
Please look for it first on Amazon.com.  I will post a link to it’s webpage as soon as Amazon has it ready.  You can look for it soon on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo.  
Thank you for putting up with me.  I hope you all have a great day.

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