Les Miserables

I went to the movies yesterday and saw Les Miserables, or as I prefer to say it, Less Miserables. I don’t particularly enjoy movies that are all the way though musicals, but I have to admit that this was very good.  Anne Hathaway was el primo superbo and should win the Oscar just for her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream.


Amanda Seyfried seems to amaze me every time I see her in something.  She plays the part of Cosette and takes her first soprano voice to new and amazing heights.  She was wonderful!


Russell Crow and Hugh Jackman were very good too, just as we would expect them to be.  They all did their own vocals however, I have to wonder if Russell and Hugh didn’t have a little help with a few of those notes that I am pretty sure were a little out of their range.  Help or not, it was very good and it you haven’t seen it yet, then go.  It is two and a half hours of pure entertainment.  The only way you would not enjoy it is if you have no couth.


My wife and I have a favorite movie theater that we frequent in Denver.  We see a movie at the theater at least once a week.  The theater has promotions to entice you to frequent them and we take advantage.  If I buy one of their refilable cups (in this case two) and bring them back each time I can get a large refill of it for only a buck fifty (three bucks for two cups).  Going as often as we do, that saves us $338 a year!  That pays for half of the movies we see during the year.


Another promotion they offer is a T-shirt that, if you wear to the movies, will get you a FREE medium popcorn.  By my calcuolations, this would save us another $260 a year!  So, let’s see……$338 + $260 = $598 each year.  Divide that by $13 (the old people price), and that means that forty six of those movies are paid for!  Wow!


So, yesterday I bought one of the T-shirts.  It comes in a bundled package that I would have to wear the next time I go to the movies.  It was an investment.  I held onto it throughout the movie.  When the movie ended I took our cups into the restroom to rinse them out.  I laid the bundled T-shirt beside me on the sink counter.  I dried out my cups and left.  I sat down on a bench just outside the restroom and it hit me.  I’d left the T-shirt on the counter.  I went back in immediately and it was gone.  I felt miserables.  I know it was just a T-shirt but I couldn’t believe that in a mater of a few seconds, I had totally forgotten it, especially since I was looking straight at it the entire time I was in there.


It wasn’t one of my better days anyway.  I had been feeling a little light-headed and wobbly from the MS.  One of the problems I deal with is forgetfulness.  It upset me that I thought that I was so focused and in a matter of a few seconds, I had completely forgotten what I was so focused on.  


Ah, such is MS.  Such is life.  Les Miserables.

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