Thoughts on the Wildfires and Rescue of the Heart Update

By now I am certain, that pretty much all of you are aware of the wildfires in Colorado and several other western states.  This is an awful tragedy due to the lives lost and homes that are lost as well.  I know that in Colorado it has been devastating to many.  If you are in a position to help, you can contact the American Red Cross and donate whatever you can.  I am asking on behalf of everyone that is affected by these tragedies.

My wife and I live very close to downtown Denver, so we are not close to the areas that are burning out of control.  In fact, to look outside, you would not know anything is going on except for the very hot temperatures and hardly any rain.  

In the last few days, though, the costs of the fires have started to be felt in our home.  You may hear of it as the Waldo Canyon fire or the fires near Colorado Springs.  Manitou Springs is a popular small town attraction in the foothills near Pikes Peak.  The fire has hit there and at Chipita Park which is where my wife grew up.  It was a favorite spot for us to visit, but now has been taken away by the flames. 

It will be years before this and many other areas will be able to reclaim themselves.

So, I’ve been thinking and an idea came to me.  Since these things create so much chaos and destruction, and every year we see fires like this everywhere; why is there not a national defense agency that is equipped to handle these situations?  It almost seems that when it comes to wildfires we are still living in the Old West.  

Yes, and thank God that we have many men and women firefighters on the ground doing their best to battle the blaze and save lives.  They truly are hero’s.  We can watch news footage on the TV that shows us an occasional airplane that dumps fire retardant chemicals and maybe a little water that has been scooped up from some nearby lake.  But that is never enough and you can see that in the footage.  Fighting these fires today is akin to fighting a house fire in the old days, where the townsfolk formed a line from the creek to the fire and passed buckets of water along.  Sure, back in the day that was all that they could do.  But it isn’t all that we could do.  We could do so much better.

I proposed that the Unite States of America lead the world in this, by setting up a new division of the armed forces and properly funding it.  We could call it the Fire Brigade or Anti-Devastation Force.  Something like that.  Instead of spending so much money building new fighter aircraft and rocket ships, use some of that funding to develop and build a new type of aircraft.

Here’s what I see.  I see a large airplane that is built just for this.  This plane would be capable of sucking up a large amount of water from the oceans, gulf waters and Great Lakes that surround our nation on all sides.  In fact, we could have an entire fleet of aircraft with this capability that could transport all this water en masse in waves of these “water bombers” that could stop these fires in their tracks and before all the lives are  lost and damage to homes and the forest could get out of hand.  Just think of all the lives and money that could be saved and all of our land preserved.

Let’s face it.  These wildfires are at war and should be treated as such.  The ocean is an endless supply of fire retardant.  When God created man he told him to care for the earth and subdue it.  Why aren’t we utilizing this great resource?  

So all you engineers and aircraft designers, how about exploring this?  We have the technology and the ability to do just that.  It’s high time we do it.

President O’Bama, sit down and think on this.  It is the right thing to do and we should do it.  I’m certain the funds are there even if we have to make a priority list and juggle some money.  It’s there.

Imagine how helpful something like this would have been during the great Chicago fire or more recently, September 11.  These disasters should be treated as though it was a war.

Just imagine this; a Forrest Ranger spots a fire from a distance.  He reports it to his command who then alerts this new division of the armed forces.  “Water bombers” that are already loaded are scrambled to the site to drop their payloads.  Another group of these bombers is deployed to the nearest ocean/gulf/great lake to take on another load and then is sent straight to the needed area if indeed they are needed still; otherwise they return to base and are already equipped to handle the next scenario.

Just give me one intelligent reason as to why this can’t be done,  Congress people.  Let’s do the right thing.

Before anyone starts to tell me that we would eventually deplete the oceans, remember the water table. It all returns to the ocean anyway.

Anyone want to jump on this?

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