Another Day….Another Chapter

Howdy again everyone!  I trust everyone is doing well.  Today I am feeling a little sluggish but not so much that I can’t use my brain a little.  It is partly cloudy in Denver today and we are getting more sunlight that we’ve enjoyed the past few days.  Right now the temperature is a nice and balmy 41°.  The forecast is for more snow in the mountains with just a little chance of it in the city.  So if you are a skier or snowboarder this is definitely a good time to head into the mountains.

Okay, let’s see where my mind takes this story.  Here is another installment.  Feel free to comment. I am always interested in what you have to say.


The Diet Cola Killer               (working title)

by Joel Wilson

Chapter 2

The time was after 6 pm when Leroy had completed his rounds for the day.  On his way home he stopped at a small diner called Sunny Side Up.  Chicken fried steak was a favorite of Leroy’s and this place served the best in town.  

As he dined alone in his booth, he could overhear the argument that was emanating from the booth behind him.  A young couple were having a blowup because the man had slept with another woman.  His young wife was distraught and crying inexhaustibly as the father of her 3 year old son told her that he was leaving her for this other woman.  The young man stood. glanced down at his son and left, leaving her with the tab. 

Leroy got a good look at him as he passed his table and watched him closely while the man left the diner, taking note that he was driving late model Chevy Silverado.  Leroy took his last bite and wiped his mouth with his napkin.  As he stood, he stopped momentarily and looked into the booth where the discarded mother and child were sitting, crying.  Stepping to their table he said to the young mother, “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help overhearing.  Please let me pay for this.”  He pulled  forty dollars from his billfold and laid it on the table with the check.  “How are you getting home?” he asked.  The mother, sobbing, shook her head as if to say that she didn’t know.  Leroy dialed her a cab with his cell phone and it arrived quickly.  As she stood she thanked him for his generosity.  “Do you have cab fare?” he asked her and she replied that she did not. Leroy gently took her hand and placed another forty dollars there.  She hugged him and again thanked him for being so kind and got into the cab.  Leroy watched as the cab entered into traffic and sped away.  

When Leroy arrived at home he bathed and sat to watch the news on the TV.  The lead story caught his attention because there had been another murder.  Again, it was someone he had seen that day.  He remembered the cookies and tea that Ima has given him and thought that she was such a nice lady and why would anyone want to hurt her?  But someone had hurt her.  The reporter said that it appeared that she had been strangled and police were still searching for clues.


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