To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn. There is a Season Turn, Turn, Turn.

Hello and happy first day of school to all you teachers out there who got ripped off with a short summer this year. I hope you were lucky enough to have enjoyed your summer. To those of you who had too much work to do this summer I wish to apologize on behalf of the pea brains that get to make the rules that govern our lives. They’ll never say it because they are way too busy coming up with inane ways to justify their existence by making people jump through meaningless hoops. There are way too many business degrees out there. That’s just my opinion that they validate on a daily basis for me. So, here’s to the teachers who sacrifice so much to teach and in many cases raise your kids for you. HIP! HIP! HOORAY!! HIP! HIP! HOORAY!!! HIP! HIP! HOORAY!!!! Thank you, teachers for all that you do and all that you have to put up with.

They say that firemen and police are the unsung heroes in this country but I beg to differ. I believe that teachers are heroes on a daily basis. Everyday they teach your children to tie their shoes and to be nice. As they grow older it is teachers who get them prepared for college and life in the real world. Very often it is teachers that our teens confide in; sharing their hopes and desires and confessing their problems too that parents often have no clue about. Also, it is teachers who have to pay to come to work. Our government knobby-heads make up all these stupid rules and give then fancy names that make them look good, like the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT. But when it is all said and done, it is the teachers who have paid their hard earned money to make it successful because those same knobby-heads that came up with these ridiculous rules failed to provide funding to support them! It is akin to saying that everyone child has to learn to swim and to do that they throw them in the middle of a large lake and say we’ll see you on the shore. Well it is the teachers who see the nonsense of it all, so rather than losing a child in the deep water they buy life jackets and floaties for all the children and jump in themselves to save the children rather than to see one of them drown because of things like the no child left behind act and all the other brainless rules that are being pushed on teachers these days.

So, I say it is the teachers that are the real heroes. I know this because my wife is one of them and so are a lot of my friends. Teachers, you have my gratitude.


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