Lack of a routine can lead to a rut.

Good morning everyone! Yes, you are correct. I do keep saying that I haven’t updated this blog in a while and each time I do I offer an excuse for being absent. Well, here I go again, but I want you to know I have a valid reason.

If you’ve kept up with my ramblings you are aware of my health conditions and the fact that I just moved to a new place. Well, my health has only had a minor effect on my writing as sometimes my brain just freezes and can’t think of a thing to say. But my biggest roadblock has been the moving to a new place thing. It is taking a while for me to unpack and put everything in it’s place. Also, this has completely thrown me out of my routine and I am a slave to my routine or I can’t function. I just have to have my routine or I get way confused. If I don’t break this soon I am afraid of it becoming a rut.

I wish I was one of those who could just say that I am designating the hours of 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to do nothing but write, but I am no good about that. My brain doesn’t work like that. I tend to write better in the morning and before my mind gets cluttered with the news or the noise coming from my neighbors lawn mower or the things I need to do today to get settled in my new place.

So, this morning I woke up at about my usual time before everything became so hectic. My wife is still sleeping and the dogs are behaving nicely for me. Since I started this diatribe my neighbor has begun mowing his lawn and my other neighbors dog is in his back yard barking his fool head off. Still, I am going to get this posted this morning because I owe it to all of you and I miss you all and don’t want you to stop coming by. After I have posted this blog, I hope to be able to get back to the book I am working on.

In case you are not aware and are a fan of reading books, my first book is now available as an eBook on and also on Barnes & Nobel. Here are the links to them if you are interested and I certainly hope you are. The title of the book is “Lost Hearts” by Joel Wilson.

I hate to do this, but please, won’t you buy my book? It is currently marked down to 99¢ and it is a good read. (Shameless self-promotion) I hope to have my new one finished by end of summer.

So, for your entertainment I’ve located a couple of funny videos to lighten your day. Enjoy!

Think you are having a bad day? Think again
Man Walks Away From Lightning Strike – Watch more Funny Videos


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