Good Morning Everyone!

Yes it is indeed a nice morning in Denver. I hope you all are enjoying nice weather wherever you are. Today it is cloudy with a high expected to be around 55 degrees. I know, all you people in the south are thinking, “55!! BRRR!! Are you crazy? That’s cold!” Well, I am very much aware of that. Afterall, I lived 47 years in Arkansas, but the cold up here isn’t like the cold down there. There is very low humidity, so the cold is really what I call surface cold. In Arkansas, it would be bone chilling cold. So, the weather here today is nice. The cool thing about it is, it is supposed to rain tonight and maybe tomorrow too. YAY! The one thing I miss about Arkansas is the thunderstorms. They are so violent and put on a good lightning show. In Denver, that is very rare. Rain itself is very rare. I sleep better when it rains so I am already looking forward to going to bed tonight.

I have a dream that keeps presenting itself in the body of other dreams. I can be dreaming about anything, then suddenly while in that dream, I dream that in that dream I can fly. It’s really easy too. All I have to do is lean forward and let myself go. MY gravity disappears from under me and suddenly I am suspended in mid-air with the ability to fly any way I want to. I don’t even have to flap my arms! Ain’t that cool?

Last night I was dreaming that I was back home in Arkansas and there was what I thought to be a violent storm happening. What I discovered in my dream was that this was no violent storm at all. Earth was under attack by these huge flying Transformers! That’s when I discovered that I could fly too, so I did. I don’t know if my being able to fly somehow saved the world, but dagnab it! I could fly! I think it must have caught the Transformers off guard because instead of focusing their attack on the planet, they started coming after me. But they were slower, less agile and stupider than me (imagine that) and I could easily avoid them.

Anyway, the next thing I knew was that the groundskeeper at my apartment was doing something to the lawn with a loud machine and I woke up. I had ceased to be able to fly and the Transformers were gone.

So, these next 2 days may be a little wet. But that’s ok. The weekend looks to be mid 60’s and sunny for my mom’s visit. Next Monday is her 79 birthday and she is coming to see me. How about that? This promises to be a nice weekend all around. I hope yours will be too.


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