Keeping in touch….Please Read My Book!?

Hello all of you fine and very intelligent and good looking internet readers of mine! Am I glad to see you? Well, YEAH! It’s been over a week this time since I’ve added anything to this blog and that just ain’t right. I am so sorry for taking so long to get back on here. But I have been so busy learning about the publishing business it has kept my attention and required my participation as well. What I have learned is that before a traditional publisher ‘might’ read my manuscript and scratch their head wondering if they want to publish it, I could be dead. I can’t afford to use a subsidy publisher at this time. So, I made the decision to go with Amazon who is going to list it on their website as a Kindle ebook. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle. Amazon has some free apps that will allow you to read it on either a PC, Iphone or Ipad. Plus it costs me nothing to do it this way and I like that a lot! So, at this moment it is still in the publishing phase but should show up on the Amazon website under Kindle ebooks by this weekend. It’s a story that testifies of the staying power of true love. I hope that each of you will look for it. I am using the pen name of Joel Wilson and the book title is ‘Lost Hearts’.

Now that that part is behind me I can start anew on my next novel. I have a character in mind and am working on her personality. This one will be in the category of a mystery/thriller. I can’t promise but I am going to try to have it completed by the end of summer this year. So, that is what I am about now. Writing, I hope for your reading enjoyment.

So, IF you happen to purchase a copy of my first book, ‘Lost Hearts’, I hope you will leave me a comment or write me what you think about it on Facebook. Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I promise to be more active with this.

NEWS FLASH!!! Amazon has just posted ‘Lost Hearts’ on the website. So, if you are interested and don’t want to flip through webpage after webpage to find it, I have put a link to that page for your convenience here:


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