Where’s the Sandman When You Need Him??

The way this is supposed to work is that you go to bed the night before, get a good nights sleep and wake up to a new day full of possibilities.  Well, somebody dropped the ball on that play.  Whoever was supposed to turn off my brain so that I could do that sleep thing did not do their job.  Here’s what I remember…………….everything!!  I was lying there, and then I turned over and lay there some more and again ad nauseum.   I know I had my eyes closed because I forced myself to keep them close in hopes that my brain would understand that I was not going to provide it any more information to process.  That didn’t work either.   My brain didn’t care at all.  It just played reruns all night long.  “Hey!  Do you remember when you tried to lay on this side earlier tonight?  I think your head was in a different position.  Try rolling over to your stomach.  Nope!  That didn’t help. Maybe you should try this instead.  It worked last night okay.  Or Hey!! Hey!! Try this!! Do you remember this?”  my brain kept saying all night.  It was like the Annoying Orange was trying to sing me to sleep.

So, here’s the problem.  My brain is running on Diet Coke and tortilla chips this morning.  I have to stay up if I hope on having any success in trying to sleep tonight.  A dream would be nice.  Up until last night, I was having no problem dreaming AND sleeping.  I usually take trazodone to help me sleep.  I had picked up my refill a few days ago.  The night before last I used up the last of my previous bottle.  Yesterday, I could not find my new bottle anywhere.  I have looked all over this house and they have found a place to hide that I don’t know about.  I know they are here, somewhere.  I can hear them laughing at me.   I tried calling out “Olly Olly Oxen Free!” but they still have not showed themselves.

Normally I am very careful with my prescription meds.  Somehow and for some stupid reason, I did something different this time and now here I am sleepless in Denver.  Meg Ryan, if you are reading this, first of all thank you and welcome to my blog.  Second, I am very happily married, so there is no need for you to hop a plane to Denver to find me.

Is it possible to die from lack of sleep?  Would that be considered suicide?  I would much rather sleep. I would much rather sleep. I would much rath…………


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